About Us


Today's viruses, malware, and ransomware are a small business owners' biggest technology threats. Our "Protect" services are tailored to mit‍‍‍igate these threats.


The small business owner should run their business, not manage their IT. Our "Manage" services include state-of-the-art aler‍‍‍ting, reporting, and proactive maintenance, leading to a more stable environment.


When computers and software stop working, someone has to fix it. We‍‍‍‍‍‍ expertly support hundreds of small business computers in the Kansas City metro, remotely or on site.

Founder’s Story: Mike Hill

I began my computer and network systems career in 1992 with a large telecommunications company in Kansas City. From 1992 through 2009 I provided computer, network systems, security integration, supervisory, and manager level services to large departments in multiple organizations. My most memorable moments are when I worked with people to solve business process issues with technology, especially with computers and software. In the mid 90’s, business owner friends started asking me to help with their computer systems in their offices. I found it highly rewarding.

MicroNet was born...

MicroNet was formed in 2009 specifically to help small businesses with computer problems. I continued to keep a small client base, in the accounting, legal, building management, and mortgage broker business segments, while working at my full-time job.

Then bad things started happening...

In 2002 I was diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and battled with chemotherapy and radiation treatments for about a year before I was declared in remission. Even dealing with cancer, a full-time job, and my side venture of MicroNet, I learned that I indeed loved providing computer support for small businesses because of the personal reward I received from helping people.

Internal company politics eventually made my full-time job a lot less fun, and after six years of liking my job less and less I decided enough was enough. In January 2009 I made the jump from employee to full-time entrepreneur, and formally made my small business dream a reality. MicroNet was converted from a side business to a full-time business called MicroNet Technical Solutions on April 1st, 2009.

Then bad things started happening... again...

Merely a short year from our doors opening, I was diagnosed with a different cancer (Testicular germ cell tumor). This time I could not work since I was hospitalized and bed ridden for months. Small business owners of all sorts rose up and helped my family through tough times with love and support of all types. It was a tough struggle and six months later I emerged cancer free and highly determined to succeed. And like me, MicroNet Technical Solutions also survived the ordeal.

Learning a lot about the healthcare industry during both my cancer treatments, I decided that I would learn about practice management software and inner workings of healthcare related scheduling, EMR, workflow, and medical billing concepts. After months of study and training, MicroNet added computer services for individually owned healthcare businesses to our already strong portfolio of services.

I hope I can give back to healthcare providers and small business owners as much as they gave to me, albeit with a different type of care, computer care. Many healthcare providers, small‍‍‍ business owners, and my loved ones, helped give me a second lease on life…twice.

-Mike Hill - Chief Guru – Owner – Founder